Waiting for a Response

How will Washington deal with the developing crisis in Baltimore?


Targeting Better Wages

The implications of higher corporate minimum wages

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Waiting For A Response
It seems as if America has become infected. The diagnosis? A lethal case of incurable police-related conflicts. Just as the 2014 tensions in Ferguson and Long Island began to subside, 2015 came along with its own handful of crises, most recently in Baltimore. Read more...
Targeting Better Wages
It seems as if a new trend is evolving. Rather than adjusting to legislation from the local, state or federal level, corporations are raising their own floors of how much their employers make. So what does this trend mean, and what are its implications? Read more...

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Democracy in Africa
Government efficacy is an incredibly complex issue, but there are three main reasons as to why democracies tend to fail in Africa, or any other developing region in the world. Read more....
The Price of Free Speech
The attack on Charlie Hebdo, which has long been labeled as controversial and offensive, raises a critical question about culture and politics. Is the ideal of free speech truly good for society? Read more...
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